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Western Inspired Earrings Change Everything!!

Western Inspired Earrings Change Everything!!

The best way to take a look up ten notches is add the accessories! I have spend years in retail fashion and the best kept secret should be let out! Adding the right shape and size of western inspired earrings can not only flatter your natural features but also slim the curves in your face and make an outfit pop! Western flair includes things such as hints of Turquoise, feathers, bling, beads, silver, wood, vintage, and other punchy little accents to show that a cowgirl not only works hard but also plays hard! Below is a cheat sheet for choosing the right shapes for your face but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try different styles, let your personality shine thru your accessories!

Oval Face- pearls, teardrops, and oval shaped medium size earrings

Round Face- drops earrings, long dangles, the longer the better

Heart Face- earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top such as teardrops, don’t forget the bling

Narrow Face- chose earrings with lots of shape and volume, beads never disappoint

Diamond Face- chose earrings that are wider and shorter


These are just guides to start your out on your journey of choosing but in western fashion there is no such thing as excess accessories! Have fun and enjoy all the compliments your about to get!


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